A free & open, code centric blogging platform.
Write posts with Markdown. Push your blog to a GitHub repository. View and share your wisdom via pushed.to/<username>/<repo>


Create and author your blog with the tools you love: Your favorite text editor and git.

Open & Free

Free of avdertising. No need to register at pushed.to, neither for publishing nor reading.

Open Source

The platform is open-source, you can contribute to it, you may operate your own instance. View on GitHub.

Get Started

With pushed.to you can author and manage your blog's content with Markdown in a Git repository which is hosted on GitHub. If the repository contains a valid .blog file it can be rendered using pushed.to/<username>/<repo>.

A .blog file should contain the following content

Then you can place Markdown files in the repository. You can use any folder structure. Pushed.to will always order the posts based on their creation date when listing them. You only should stick to a simple structure in your Markdowns:

The easiest way to start your own blog is to fork the blog template.


pushed.to is an open source project and you are welcome to contribute on GitHub. We are aiming to deliver the service without storing user data or displaying ads. Thus all hosting costs are covered by donations.

To open requests for improvements, ideas or any other feedback, please open a issue on GitHub.